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At FIDES Wealth Strategies Group, nothing is more important to us than maintaining the trust that exists between client and advisor. We believe that trust, integrity, and service are the key elements required to develop long-term relationships. As a result, we have earned a reputation for placing client interests first.  

The FIDES Story 

In ancient Rome, “FIDES” was the goddess of trust. While the term “FIDES” is often mistakenly translated as “faith,” it actually means “reliability,” referring to the sense of trust between two parties if a relationship between them is to exist. For the Romans:

  • FIDES was an essential element in the character of a man of public affairs, and a necessary constituent element of all social and political transactions.
  • FIDES was always reciprocal and mutual, and implied privileges and responsibilities on both sides.
  • In both public and private life, the violation of FIDES was considered a serious matter, with both legal and religious consequences.
  • FIDES, in fact, was one of the first of the “virtues” to be considered an actual divinity by the Romans.

Sources: The Roman Concept of FIDES by John Paul Adams, CSUN;

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